September 25, 2022

4 Essential Tools for Project Management and Collaboration

4 Essential Tools for Project Management and Collaboration


Collaboration is central to any project. You cannot achieve your goals without having great team members, and as such, a good project management tool is crucial. There are various tools and software available for teams, but this article aims to provide an overview of different collaboration tools available online.

If you wanted to share files a decade ago, you’d either spend hours uploading them to a couple of services or transfer them to a USB drive and walk across the office. Today, file-sharing tools are fast, affordable, and efficient. 

Users can also use these tools for sharing files with other team members. Some free collaboration tools include Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Todoist, etc., while some paid tools include Microsoft OneDrive, Quip, etc. This article will touch on the best tools for collaborating in an online project and give you an overview of the features they offer. 

  • GogoPDF 

Gogo Pdf is one of the file-sharing tools and collaboration tools that can assist you and your team, especially while dealing with PDFs. With GogoPDF, you can convert your PDF file to PNG, Word, and PPT. It also enables you to change the orientation of your PDF. To rotate PDF, all you have to do is upload your PDF file to GogoPDF. This would take less than a minute, depending on the size of your file and your internet connection. After uploading the file, choose if you want the angle rotated to 90 degrees, 108 degrees, or straight. Choose one and then click on rotate PDF. 


When your document is ready, you have the option of downloading it directly to your device or sharing it through email or social media. GogoPDF is an effective collaboration tool because it allows you to share your files without dealing with your email. Not only can you share, but you can also convert and modify your documents in minutes. 


Since PDF file format is widely employed by many, it’s paramount that we all know how to convert to and from a PDF file. There are numerous platforms on the web that it’d prove challenging to settle on which one is the best, but GogoPDF offers you all the basic features you need and more.


  • FlowDock 

FlowDock is a powerful project management tool for teams to communicate and collaborate. It is one of the best project management tools that are easy to use, collaborative and it has integrations with all other tools you might need.

FlowDock has a straightforward interface that can be understood by everyone who uses it. It integrates with many tools like Slack, Slack, Skype, and more. So you can be sure to communicate effectively with your team no matter what tool they are using. It helps them manage everything in one place and keeps everyone up to date. FlowDock simplifies the way people communicate, work together and share their work with others. 

There are many ways in which FlowDock can be used. Teams can use it for scheduling meetings online, post updates in real-time about what they are working on, or attach essential files to a post. Many companies use it as their company chat app. Users on FlowDock can create channels for different projects or topics they’re working on. They can also invite other users to join a channel, so they have a shared space where everyone collaborates and shares information about specific projects. 

  • Trello 

Trello is a collaborative tool that helps teams organize and prioritize tasks. It is a digital tool for teamwork that can be accessed anywhere and on any device. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use project management app that doesn’t require any training or tutorials to use. It has different boards, lists, and cards to keep all of the work organized. You can use it to define, organize, and manage your projects. Trello is a digital tool for teamwork. It lets you create a list and collaborate with your team. You can also share the tasks of your project and assign them to specific people on your team. It is an online way of organizing and managing projects that you are working on with others in the same field.

Trello is the app that allows you to organize whatever task you want to organize, from a business strategy to a celebration to an enormous move. Anything in your life that you got to stay on top of can be organized using a Trello board. 

  • Slack 

Slack is an online communication tool that integrates with other business apps, enabling you to use your favorite apps right from the platform. It is one of the fastest ways to share information and collaborate, or just stay in the loop with your teammates and fellow workers.  With Slack, you can easily create a team and add new team members who can chat with each other in real-time. 


You can also create channels for different purposes, such as chatting about work, organizing projects, or sharing media files. This is the perfect tool for organizations that want to be more agile and modern with collaboration and communication. Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools for teams today, used by companies like Google, IBM, and NASA. It helps you to work with your teammates in a much more effective and efficient way. You can share files, links, text messages, and images and create different channels for a specific project or topic.


The user interface is very simple, and it works on all major platforms – the web, iOS, Android. One of the most popular features of Slack is that it allows team members to work together. Even when they are working from different locations globally, they can still access Slack and send messages to each other. It’s also safe if hackers try to break into your website because your data will be encrypted and your messages protected. 

  • Conclusion 

When doing teamwork, some tools are essential for you to be using, and those tools have been highlighted in this article. The best file-sharing tools don’t just offer you file-sharing features. It should be used to edit files and communicate effectively with other online users. While many file-sharing services are simply one-off ways to send files, others have more advanced features than the rest.

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