September 25, 2022

5 Things That Can Make Online Classes Much Easier

5 Things That Can Make Online Classes Much Easier

Online classes are now implemented as the COVID-19 pandemic arises, and it is not that easy to adjust to the new educational system. For how many years, face-to-face class is the most used and chosen mode of learning. Meanwhile, many factors hinder the students from continuing their studies. These affect the convenience and comfortability of the students, faculty, and school administration as well. On the other hand, life must go on, so they have to cope up with all the difficulties they encounter by adapting to what is new and choosing what is appropriate.


We cannot deny the fact that we have to go with the flow of changes as technology, which is one of the things we need in a virtual class, is also developing day by day. Furthermore, with these five simple but necessary elements, students can now make their online studies even more convenient than it was!

  • Online file converter websites

In an online class, your instructor assigns you to make your output, and send it to them in a specific file type. Likewise, teachers usually require students to submit it in PDF format so that the structure will not change. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can export their file types into PDF/XPS by themselves, while in other formats like JPG and PNG, it needs online converters.


Online file converter websites, from the word itself, are those internet sites you can use to convert a particular file format into a different one. Some conversions are Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, and HTML to PDF. In addition, you can also convert PDF to the other mentioned file formats. Examples of converter websites are GogoPDF, Smallpdf, and Online-convert. Take note that even though it has a subscription fee for premium accounts to unlock more features, you can still convert files for free! It is a great opportunity, isn’t it?

  • Educational applications

Most apps for tablets and smartphones in the field of education technology are designed to improve students’ and teachers’ educational experiences. On the App Store and Google Play Store, there are tens of thousands of educational apps that cover everything from math to science to history. Apps for educational purposes make the learning experience more active, immersive, and engaging both inside and outside the class.

For a more convenient way of studying, you may download and install applications for educational purposes. Even in face-to-face classes, these apps are indeed a great help! Educational applications include; dictionaries and thesaurus like Merriam Webster to improve your vocabulary, calculators such as Mathway and Symbolab for more complicated mathematical problems, scanners like Camscanner and Notebloc to scan your works anytime and anywhere that can turn into JPG and PDF, and the like. Additionally, the above-mentioned applications can be installed on your mobile phone, making them handy. There are also game applications that can improve your learning so that you can be entertained at the same time.

  • Portable electronic devices

Technologically powered devices offer a faster and better completion of work. These are beneficial in all facets of life, including business, household, education, and government. These devices encompass laptops, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, portable hard drives, monitors, battery packs, smartphones, and Bluetooth headphones. In education settings, specifically during these online class times, the said devices are the major tools a student should have as they will be used for communication and compliance.


On the other hand, a laptop or a personal computer is more convenient than a mobile phone and tablet, especially when doing essays, research, Excel, and PowerPoints. When it comes to taking examinations online, a laptop or computer is way better to use, as mobile phones are more likely to cause hanging problems or lags. It will somehow ruin your exam because there is a big possibility that the answers will reset. But, in the end, if a cell phone or tablet is the only device you have since a laptop is more expensive than the phone, then it is still fine. It is just a suggestion for a better schoolwork time.

  • High-speed data or internet connection

 Of course, a good internet connection should be considered when studying online, as you cannot attend classes and submit your works without it. Likewise, the high-speed connection allows the students and teachers to have an interactive discussion, prevents the students from being late, and more factors that lessen the hassle.

Besides, to have a fast and stable data or internet connection, you must choose a network or a plan that has good connectivity in your place. You can also use a VPN to boost it which can download to your devices. Also, try to find the best place in your house when it comes to a high-speed connection.

  • Peaceful environment

Last but not least, you must consider having a peaceful environment. You need a place where there are no distractions or just the least of them since you cannot avoid them, especially when you are in your house. During study times, a peaceful environment can make you think properly and continuously, just like when you’re in a library. Also, you can focus more on your classes and schoolwork. If you have a room in your house, then it is better to study in it. But it is still okay if you do not have one. Just have your headphones, and tell your siblings to be silent. Kidding aside but you can get through this!

  • In a Nutshell

The online class is somewhat new to most of the students who tend to go on face-to-face classes. But because of this pandemic, they have to adapt to the most preferred ways of continuing their studies. With these five elements, you can make your techy school life better! Maximize technology for better student life by using an online file converter for free wherein it converts all formats your instructor wants. You can also use educational apps like Quexbook, Merriam Webster, Mathway, scientific calculator apps, and more! 


In addition, portable electronic devices and a good internet connection must be considered, as these are some of the key components of synchronous classes that make a large impact on your studies. Lastly, you may choose a peaceful area in your house so that you can focus more on your work. We are all still hoping and looking forward to the old normal, the real one. Yes, it is not that easy, but we need to take action in adapting to this situation so little by little, we can cope with it. Keep striving hard, students!

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