September 25, 2022


Artificial intelligence has long been part of our everyday lives, and especially in the digital entertainment sphere. For example, it is impossible to imagine a live casino as a live National casino online in Canada without algorithms, where the virtual roulette wheel is made to spin using a code. Unlike separate computer algorithms, artificial intelligence is more complicated. 

For a closer look at the connections, it is important to understand that gaming is always about the interaction of humans with machines. Even when eSports players compete against each other – the machine always stands between them. Moreover, the smart Al bots have already won against the best of the best in cybersport. For example, in 2018, Open AI Five, co-founded by Elon Musk, has beaten the world’s two best Dota 2 players, and a short time later, Google AI Deepmind left even the best Starcraft 2 gamers far behind. 

But what does the AI know that we don’t? Would it be possible to use the tactics of the superior Al to improve your gaming style? And what impact does Al have on game development? Let’s consider this topic in detail. 




Unlike an algorithm, artificial intelligence is capable of learning and can thus develop and remember new approaches to solving problems. However, an AI is always a human-programmed artificial intelligence that resembles a (non-visible) robot.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more advanced, not only answering questions about the weather and being able to select more than just the desired TV program.

Emotions are still difficult to implement with artificial intelligence, although progress can be seen here as well. But especially concerning the video game industry, major changes are visible that are only possible thanks to artificial intelligence. There are even already assumptions that say that the entire gaming scene will be changed by the use of AI. Artificial intelligence is already much more highly developed in many areas than is often assumed.




With the help of artificial intelligence, games should become smarter. So, with the Al the levels of the game could be tailored to the individual player. Machine learning is intended to make content appear more organic. Back in 2018, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Milan taught an AI to design levels for the original “Doom” from 1993. And indeed, artificial intelligence has managed to design interesting levels. So, Al could take over the work of game designers and create a base from which human minds and creativity can create a great product. 


But does it mean that artificial intelligence will steal the jobs of game developers? No, but this exchange between humans and computers surely can set new standards in the video game industry. 




In conclusion, it must be noted that the gaming scene is also constantly changing because of artificial intelligence. 

Modern games no longer function without algorithms and Al. They are controlled, monitored, and designed by artificial intelligence so that the games make sense and invite people to play along. In times when games are becoming more and more complex, it is no wonder that artificial intelligence has become so important. AI isn’t just about algorithms when it comes to games. Rather, games are simulated with an AI so that it can be tested how the game then actually plays out.

The importance of artificial intelligence in gaming will surely continue to grow, and it can be assumed that games will determine the technical standards of many other industries even more as a result. For enthusiastic gamers, this type of game and development means one thing above all: gaming will not only become more complex in the future, but also more exciting, stunning, and fascinating.

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