September 25, 2022

Best Distance Learning Courses in India

In just a little over fifty years since its conception, the World Wide Web has become the bedrock of many unforeseeable innovations. Almost every field today is incorporating a more digitized framework. The Indian Education System, in the past few years, has witnessed an increasing role of technology in education. Though distance learning has been around for quite some time now, many students are not aware of the excellent options they have. Ever since the pandemic hit us, shutting down educational institutions across the country, the popularity of online classes app and courses shot up rapidly. Almost all education institutions asked the teachers to teach online on online classes app to keep the educational institutions running seamlessly even in the wake of pandemics. At the same time, the Indian Government in its New Economic Policy (NEP) 2020, has introduced numerous changes and guidelines for distance learning and online education. Therefore, distance learning courses are a popular choice among students owing to their flexibility, simplicity, and high quality. In this article, we take a look at some of the best distance learning courses in India across various parameters….

Master in Business Administration (MBA)/ MBA Executive –

MBA is typically a two-year master’s degree program that focuses on educating students about core functions in running a business like Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, and operations in a manner that is most pertinent to real-world application in management roles of companies. Most programs also include distance learning courses. Executive MBA is a great post-graduate management course for working executives who want to pursue MBA simultaneously with a job. It educates the student in the same core branches as a regular MBA. If you are an individual with a few years of work experience under your belt and wish to take your career to new heights, going for an MBA Executive is an excellent career option for you.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)- 

BCA is a three-year undergraduate course that educates students about various programming languages, networking, and software development. Pursuing BCA through distance learning can be a very fruitful endeavor, as most of what you learn in BCA can be easily done online through an online classes app. Also, a lot of guidance is available across internet forums and many educators teach online through programming language playlists and likewise, for free.

Digital Marketing Course-

Digital marketing course has garnered widespread attention amongst Indian youth. Digital marketing is a marketing concept that focuses on innovative marketing strategies for various products & services through the online platform and by using digital tools. It enables businesses to become increasingly responsive to consumers. This course would educate students about understanding how the various consumer communication-related activities are carried out across various channels of communication. It has various sub-topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media marketing, and likewise. Needless to say, this distance learning certificate course provides prominent avenues for forging a successful career.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) –

Bachelor of Education is a professional degree which develops students to become a teacher in various private and government-run schools. After completion of B.Ed., students become eligible to become a teacher in various primary, secondary or senior secondary schools across India. This degree is typical of two years when pursued after graduation, however, some changes are proposed by the government. The biggest benefit of getting a B.Ed. the degree is the large number of well-paying and highly respected government jobs available in the teaching field, especially in primary schools. Doing  B.Ed. from a  distance learning platform is very popular due to its ease and flexibility compared to full-time courses. Also, the classrooms of tomorrow, even in government schools, will increasingly incorporate ed-tech and online classes app as prime teaching methods. Your experience with a distance learning program will come in handy when you yourself will have to teach online.

It is evident, that the increased focus of government on making learning more liberal and incorporating online teaching tools in the education system, coupled with the effects of the Covid pandemic on the education system have made distance learning more popular. Nowadays, a lot of new courses are offering distance learning programs as well which you should explore in order to get a complete picture of the career options you have going ahead.

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