December 10, 2022
Download 'A' gai wak

Download ‘A’ gai wak Dual Audio 720p

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Download 'A' gai wak

Download ‘A’ gai wak dual audio Hindi dubbed

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Accessible resources to download ‘A’ gai wak movie

Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It’s up to Sergeant Lung (Jackie Chan) to take matters into his own hands.. But before enjoying get details about some accessible resources to download it. A popular one is download ‘A’ gai wak Blu ray, ‘A’ gai wak tamilrockers, and another one is ‘A’ gai wak Kat movie HD. These are not only available; we have a lot of resources for you, so stay connected to the end of the article.

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‘A’ gai wak Movie 1983

Movie’s Name ‘A’ gai wak
Writers Jackie Chan , Jack Maeby , Edward Tang
IMDB Rating 7.4 rated by 14332 critics.
Release date 22 Dec 1983 (Hong Kong).
Runtime 105 min
Director Jackie Chan , Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
Language Cantonese , English
Filming Location Hong Kong, China
Company Authority Films

Box office performance of ‘A’ gai wak

Budget n/A
Votes 14,332
UserReview 69
Awards 1 win & 3 nominations.

‘A’ gai wak Cast/Team

  1. Jackie Chan as Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung
  2. Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Fei
  3. Biao Yuen as Captain Tzu
  4. Dick Wei as Lor Sam Pau
  5. Mars as Jaws
  6. Isabella Wong as Winnie
  7. Tai-Bo as Tai
  8. Ng-Long Cheung as VIP Club Bouncer
  9. Hoi Sang Lee as Li Chou Kou
  10. Hoi-San Kwan as Captain Chi
  11. Wai Wong as Chow Wing Ling
  12. Fat Wan as Thug
  13. Yeong-Mun Kwon as n/A
  14. Ho Kai Law as n/A
  15. Hark-Sun Lau as Admiral
  16. Wu Ma as Mahjong Player
  17. Yun-Kin Chow as n/A
  18. Qun Wang as Co
  19. Yen Tsan Tang as Pirate
  20. Keung-Kuen Lai as Co
  21. David Thom as
  22. Jennifer Paz as Winnie
  23. Michael Sorich as Captain Chi
  24. Danny Trejo as Lo Sam Pau
  25. Joey Camen as n/A

Other Important Cast Members:

  1. Brad Sergi as Li Chou Kou (aka Chou Kau)
  2. Joe Hanna as n/A
  3. Fred Tat as ciore
  4. John DeMita as Captain Tzu
  5. Tom Konkle as Chow Wing Ling
  6. Kurt Ferguson as n/A
  7. Jeff Brunner as n/A
  8. E.E. Bell as n/A
  9. Chi Fai Chan as n/A
  10. Leung Chan as n/A
  11. Seng-Kwong Chang as n/A
  12. Ling Wei Chen as n/A
  13. Chok Chow Cheung as n/A
  14. John Cheung as n/A
  15. Wah Cheung as Ling’s thug
  16. Kar Lok Chin as Extra – Co
  17. Hin-Cheung Choi as n/A
  18. Tau Chu as n/A
  19. Gou Fei as Pirate
  20. Lola Forner as Rear Admiral’s Daughter
  21. Ging Man Fung as n/A
  22. Ming Fung as n/A
  23. Kwok Wing Ha as n/A
  24. Yi-Sheng Han as n/A
  25. Yun Ho as n/A…


Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It’s up to Sergeant Lung (Jackie Chan) to take matters into his own hands.


In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British may rule the land, but the pirates rule the waters. Reluctantly, the Coast Guard is given money to fight these pirates, but the pirates themselves have many contacts (that is, bribed officials) in the government, and seek to thwart the Coast Guard’s efforts to eliminate them. One Coast Guard officer is Dragon Ma, who is determined that his beloved Coast Guard will not be made fools of. Written by Murray Chapman


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Wrapping it UP!

Bravo, finally, we have ‘A’ gai wak in our pocket. We attached above all the possible links to download ‘A’ gai wak movie 2019.However you can find the direct link and as well as torrent links as well. Also, ‘A’ gai wak dubbed Hindi version with dual audio is available to download. Therefore it is up to your choice from where you watch ‘A’ gai wak online or download it in your local storage.

We hope we served the purpose of delivering the most famous ‘A’ gai wak movie with its download link. Still, you have any queries then ping us in the below section. And its time to say goodbye to you, download ‘A’ gai wak 1983, and chill out.

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