February 9, 2023

Going To Buy Jewelry This Diwali? Remember This Concise Guide

Going To Buy Jewelry This Diwali? Remember This Concise Guide


In the event that there’s one celebration that Indians love to praise the most, it’s Diwali.The celebrations of countless lamps, rangoli, sweets, and lights deeply connect the Hindu and other cultures to India and bring people of different upbringing, colors, religions, and casts together. It boosts up the mutual tendency of love and caring in folks, making it the most significant festival of Hindus and the festival of the entire India. On top of the excitement of enjoying crackers and fireworks, eating delicious food, celebrating five festivals in a single row, and being one with the legends of Rama. 


The festival of Diwali is said to bless the people with lots of happiness, prosperity, and a long, healthy life. People enjoy buying decorative stuff and embellish their homes. On the other hand, Diwali is just the right festival for kids to demand anything from their parents and see it getting fulfilled. For women, Diwali is the right time to commence every family member in the cleaning job and let their homes shine brighter than ever. The other thing women of today prefer and like so much is the great excitement that comes with shopping for clothes and everything, including jewelry. There is a saying that says that women love nothing more than their jewelry made of precious metal. 


Many husbands take it as an opportunity to surprise their wives with a gift of their lifetime. When they present a lovely sterling silver boho ring and slide it through their wives’ delicate fingers, the simple smile on the faces of their wives looks so precious that they forget about the price of the ornament they have purchased. However, men are not so perfect when it comes to buying jewelry for their wives. They are simply not mindful of current realities. They might get cheated by con shopkeepers or only pay a high price for something which is not precisely very valuable. Most of them don’t know about the purity ratio in gold and silver jewelry and the gemstones’ sizer, and the inclusion of their prices in the complete course. Many jewelers charge the same price for gems as the gold itself, which is not reasonable from any angle.


So what is the best way to buy jewelry for your wife when you have absolutely no information about anything about precious metals and didn’t master the art of bargain just yet? Well, this handy guide will help you. Check it out:

The Purity of Metal

Remember, the purity of metal you are going to purchase should be adequate. It would help if you saw which gold jewelry from 18k, 22k, 14k, or 24k you want to buy and whether you are paying the same price. If an ornament is 18k, but the price you are paying is 22k, you are being cheated. Make it a note to check the purity percentage in silver ornaments and carats in Gold. The best silver ornaments you can find is 92.5% pure sterling silver. 

The Weight of Gemstones

Many shopkeepers embed their jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets with huge and heavy stones. This causes the overall weight to be increased substantially. But they offer a discounted price for it. Therefore, you think that you are paying less for the price per gram. But in actuality, you will be paying way too high for the price per gram of the precious metal. Apart from that, it would help if you were wary of the possible contradiction in your wife’s jewelry choice and the type and appeal of the ornament you are buying. They must go together beautifully.


So are you all set to revitalize the old romantic days by gifting a stunning women’s black stone ring to your wife this Diwali? Would you, with the very blessings of goddess Laxmi, want to be the reason for the distribution of love and happiness in your family? Or, on the other hand, how about investing in the most precious metal this world has to offer to secure your future? No matter why you would like to invest in gold or silver this festive season. So stay tuned and keep reading the insightful articles we roll out every other week.

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