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How to become a science topper: tips to follow

How to become a science topper: tips to follow 

Among many other academic subjects, the most important one is science. From elementary to secondary education, science is a compulsory academic subject for the learners. And for senior secondary education, students get a choice to select it as per their goals and interests. Every student wants to achieve high academic excellence and become science toppers. While some achieve this and some are left back in this race.

 Students feel that this is because they lack potential but this is a wrong assumption. We all have the potential and capabilities to top our subjects. The difference is created because of the learning habits and routine. Let us discuss some of the best tips that students can follow to enhance their science topper learning skills.

Tips for students  for becoming science toppers

  1. Make a balance in all science subjects

The science subjects are further divided into three sub-subjects as well. These sub-subjects are physics, chemistry, and biology. To become a science topper and score high in the science exams, it is important for the students to have a balance between the studies of all three subjects. 

Students should develop a study timetable that includes the study, learning, and revision of all these three subjects. You can study more the subject in which you need more improvement but not neglect the learning of any particular subject. Study at least two science subjects every day. Keep changing them as per need and ensure to make a balance. 

  1. Focus on solving applications better

As we know science is a subject that includes both theories and applications. Well for many students the theory portion is fine but dealing with applications, derivations, and numerical becomes difficult. But to become a science topper, students have to be good at both theoretical and applicative portions. If you find yourself a little weak at physics and chemistry applications, start focusing on them more. Your applicative skills cannot be grown overnight or in a couple of days and hence regular practice is essential. At least solve five different types of numerical problems every day. This will make students effective at science. 

  1. Attend your classes regularly

To develop topper science learning tips, it is very important for students to be regular and punctual to the science classes. If students won’t be regular to the science classes, they won’t be able to understand well what’s going on with the lessons. Also in science, topics and lessons are interlinked with each other. 

When students miss a particular class, not only do they understand less that particular lesson, but also their understanding of further topics is also affected. Therefore, students must stay regular in their science classes whether learning via online live classes or traditionally. Listen actively, understand well and participate more for science excellence. 

  1. Use technology to learn

Yes, we can say that science is a little complex and challenging subject. Because of formulas, numerical, scientific terms, facts, and laws, understanding becomes difficult. And sometimes students are not able to understand well from the science textbooks and guides only. 

But this problem can be overcome by students using technology to learn. With the advancement in technology, learning is no longer limited to textbooks. There are now several audiovisual tools that students can use to understand science lessons better. By using any suitable online classroom app, students can access educational videos, picture cards, modules, presentations, visual demonstrations, notes for better understanding. 

  1. Note making

To understand better, learn effectively, and memorize, note-making is very beneficial. With note-making, students read the chapters thoroughly too. Always make lesson-wise science notes. While reading, keep jotting down the pointers and information you find important. Especially make notes of all the formulas, equations, units, and other applications too. 


  1. Regularly self assess and learn from your mistakes

Self-assessment is one of the best ways that students can follow to become science toppers. To self-assess regularly, students will learn regularly too. This way students will learn every day, practice more, and stay consistent from their preparation. By self-assessing regularly, students can check how much they know, where they are lagging, and what’s more need to be for improvement. They must check their mistakes, review them carefully and learn from them so that they don’t repeat them in the exams. 


All students have the capabilities and strength to become subject toppers. But they lag because of the inappropriate ways and techniques of learning. But by following the above-mentioned tips, all students can become science toppers. Remember that consistency is the key to success. Follow these tips consistently to improve your topper learning skills of science. NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was formed with the express intention of supporting customers that have a specific commercial goal or legal obligation to execute aspects of the Canadian Northern Strategy. NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated provides on-site consulting services in Canada and the United States to government and military locations.


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