September 25, 2022

How to Calm Hyper Dogs with CBD oil?

How to Calm Hyper Dogs with CBD oil?

We all know how dogs are sometimes very hard to calm when they get hyperactive. It can be due to different reasons, including the breed, diet, and other medical conditions. You can jump to a solution to calm your beloved pup down by figuring out all these factors. Using CBD oil for hyper dogs can be a great idea when we know CBD so well. 

Although it’s very puzzling to start treating hyperactive dogs with CBD oil. It’s quite clear from all the studies that CBD shows wonderful effects on human beings to help them live better, but what are the effects of CBD oil on dogs? Many people don’t know that same is the case with dogs as they have the same endocannabinoid system. 

CBD is generally known to be effective for calming down dogs. Using CBD for hyper dogs will help them calm down and heal other conditions that might be harder to treat otherwise. Also, it’s believed that sticking to the natural alternatives is always a better idea to pick. 

How can CBD Calm a Dog?

Before you turn back to CBD to seek help for your hyper dogs, you need legit reasons to get started, right? CBD oil shows positive effects to calm down human beings but do they really work for the dogs as well? Well, yes, they do. 

Before you blindly start using a product for your beloved dogs, you need to figure out the reason for their hyperactivity. This reason might be certain health conditions or mental discomforts like anxiety disorder. We’re happy to say that CBD can help with physical and mental discomforts to get your dog free from the hyperactivity of the mind. 

CBD gets down to the root cause and affects the endocannabinoid system to improve the condition to the maximum extent. This is how CBD can help your hyper dogs:

  • Stress management

CBD is used by several dog owners, which confirms that CBD helps calm down the dog when it gets hyper due to mental discomfort, including anxiety. Also, it reduced overall stress and muscle and nervous tension. 

  • Better Sleep

A clinical trial confirms that CBD can help your dog sleep better. The better your dog sleeps, the lesser are the chances for it to get hyperactive without legit reasons. 

  • Serotonin Production

Another important factor is balancing serotonin levels in the body, which is a piece of cake for CBD. CBD directly interacts with the 5-HT1A receptors of your body and helps induce a stable and regular production of serotonin. This, in turn, stabilizes the mood and behaviors. 

Ways to Calm your dog with CBD

CBD is not psychoactive, and this makes it safe for dogs. It won’t get your dog high. There are two ways you can treat your hyper dogs with CBD. Take CBD oil directly, add into meals, or get special CBD chews for the dogs. You can easily find CBD chews for dogs in the market. 

Start with small doses and gradually increase the doses according to your dog’s condition. Keep track of the effects. A fun fact is that you can always feed your dog with the CBD oil that you use; this means it’s not always important to buy separate oil for your dog. 

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is safe for your pet generally, but consulting the vet is a good idea. Especially if your dog is on any medications already, it’s important to be careful. 


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