September 25, 2022

How to Make Stunning Social Media Videos

How to Make Stunning Social Media Videos

Social media platforms have now become great sources of communication for businesses. They have moved up from being mere channels to connect with friends. Businesses worldwide are now into creating social media videos that get way higher engagement than images.

Just one stunning video and nothing will stop you from maximizing reach and going viral. You can drive positive results for your business with sales-worthy social media videos. Top-quality visual presentations will not just get your brand message across but will also capture the attention of the audiences and transform them into prospective buyers.

In this age of cut-throat competition, especially among online businesses, it has become necessary for companies and organizations to push their boundaries and use videos in their marketing efforts.

Videos are also good at improving social engagement because they create connections and trust between customers and brands, develop brand loyalty, stimulate conversations and improvise lead generation too. Some tips that can help you in making shareable and watchable social media videos are as follows:

1. Start with the Right Strategy

Before starting with the process of content creation, get the right plan ready. You must work on how you will be going about your social media marketing videos. Now, this is something that involves competitor check, audience research, content scheduling, task delegation, budget allocation, ideation, and everything in between.

Having a plan with all these elements will help you develop effective visuals that will surely make your social media marketing campaign a real success.

Do you have plans to increase brand awareness, spark conversations about new product launches, or attract new followers? Do you want more websites traffic, new sign-ups, or boosted sales? It does not matter what your objective is.

What really matters is you must be clear with your objectives. Most importantly, your social media marketing objectives should perfectly align with the overall objectives of your business.

2. Optimize Videos for Varied Social Media Platforms

Well, publishing the same videos on different social media platforms might seem easy considering the less work you need to do. But it might not bring in desired results. That’s because your business might have distinct requirements for optimizing the content on the different social media platforms.

The form and the size of social media videos and images matter. Take the right size, video duration, orientation, and other important channel specifications into consideration. This will help you integrate the social networks you choose correctly and most appropriately.

3. Try Keeping the Videos Sweet, Simple and Short

People on the different social media platforms have very little time to spare in watching long-form content. They are busy with their professional and personal lives, and the little time then gets in between; they use it to just scroll down their feeds on the different platforms.

Remember, very few individuals will be watching your videos on social media platforms if they are 15 to 20 minutes long. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the videos easy to digest and bite-sized while providing value simultaneously.

This is where you will require an online video editor. You need to do the editing so that all the excessive parts are successfully removed. And you are left with an engaging and relevant visual presentation.

Make sure the final video shares the intended message, captures attention and gets viewers into taking the desired action within the shortest time span. If you create a video on a complex topic that requires proper explanation, try breaking it down into small fragments.

Avoid putting all information in a single video. Instead, use the series format to speak about varied aspects.

4. Get Basic Equipment

You can use a webcam or even your smartphone for shooting top-quality social media videos. After all, the users on different platforms do not expect something grand and exquisite. They have less time in hand, and they can easily do with a video that is simple enough but delivers valuable matter.

Think about this and go for the right and most affordable tools. You can go for DIY videos necessitating modest investment while bringing huge returns. Just a tripod, external microphones, and LED lighting, video editor are things you need to make your videos stunning.

5. Reap the Benefits of an Online Video Editing Tool

Once you are done with the footage, it is time for you to do some editing to offer your video a stunning appearance. Fortunately, you do not need to be an expert at this. There are different video editors you can use for this purpose.

One such online video editor is InVideo, a free online tool that comes with easy-to-use animations and templates that conveniently integrate with a company’s logo. Even formatting and trimming options are available, along with useful editing filters.

You have the option of adding your text and video, or you can also use pre-written copy and stock footage. Last but not least, when using these online video editors, you must be mindful of how the different social media channels can influence the format of your video.

6. Make Sure the First Few Seconds of Your Video Stand Out

As has already been said, people do not have a lot of time to go through uninteresting and lengthy content on social media platforms. In the same way, they have a short attention span too.

This means they tend to lose concentration after a few seconds. That is why it is necessary to captivate the audience right from the intro of your video. The first few seconds of your video are crucial because this is the time when the viewers will decide whether they want to continue watching the video or move to some other content. So, make the first few seconds stand out.


Follow the above-mentioned practices religiously and take advantage of already available resources. Going this way will definitely help you create stunning social media videos that appear as dynamic and great content to the viewers.

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