September 25, 2022

How to Take Your Mind Off Work When You’re Working from Home

How to Take Your Mind Off Work When You’re Working from Home

With remote work taking over this new era of our lives, it is important to maintain a balance between work and life. 

After the outbreak of 2020, the world shifted into a dynamic that is new to many: remote work. Like every new experience, working from home comes with unique challenges. Being able to separate leisure and work will be an essential skill to get you through said challenges.


918kiss will walk through some of the ways to take your mind off the daily grind when working from home.  

Separate Work and Leisure

Keep in mind that work is for work and leisure is for leisure. Your productivity is foreseen to increase when work and leisure are respected and treated as two separate entities. 


An example of what it means to treat your work day and leisure time separately is to avoid working on your bed. Your bed is associated with rest and is where you lay your head at night. Instead of being productive, you may find your mind drifting to other things—and that afternoon power nap might turn into a full-blown siesta.


By the same token, work can suck some of the joy out of your hobbies. When you mingle leisure activities, such as sleeping, relaxing, social media, or sunbathing with work, it can ruin the dopamine that leisure is meant to induce. 

Stick to a Routine

Working from home and having a routine to guide you through the day help take your mind off work once you are clocked out for the day. You can put healthy habits into practice to get you both motivated and productive during your work hours without indulging in tempting leisure activities.


Healthy habits to practice throughout your remote-work days:


  •     Wake up at a fixed time every day, just as early as you would if you had to travel to work. 
  •     Get dressed and ready for the day. Putting on an outfit, doing your hair, or getting in the shower will motivate you to avoid staying in your PJs and in bed. 
  •     Have a hearty, healthy breakfast. 
  •     Take designated breaks. At a typical office setting, there are certain times that employees take breaks to better perform during the hours they are clocked in. Routinely taking breaks will prevent you from feeling weary.
  •     Pace yourself. It can be easy to get distracted by social media, pets, or even children when you are working remotely. Set personal goals to successfully get through your work day.

Finding Work-Life Balance

There is a sense of freedom when working from home. Finding the balance between work and life is essential to enjoying both to the fullest. To have peace of mind away from work while still being in the setting of work is achievable through routine and strategy.


It is fulfilling to have the freedom that comes with remote work, with the balance of leisure to fall back on at the end of your day. It is important to practice healthy habits that will help in disconnecting your mind from work when at home.


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