October 6, 2022

How to Use Video To Promote Your Business On Instagram

How to Use Video To Promote Your Business On Instagram

Whether you own a small business or a big brand, promoting it on Instagram is a new trend. Instagram provides a great platform to promote your brand with video marketing. It has so many different options for businesses, making it a perfect choice for marketing. There is no doubt that video marketing has taken over all other traditional ways of marketing. Therefore, a majority of businesses and brands are relying on Instagram to promote their brand and services. 


Instagram features not just one but multiple ways to create videos such as stories, Live videos, reels and IG TV. These options let you create interesting stories and create a large audience base. Apart from just helping you create videos for marketing, it also gives options to add hashtags, animations, audio sound clips and other elements to make your video more interactive and well-presented. What’s more? With Instagram’s new update, you can now create videos for up to 1 minute to conveniently convey what you want to your viewers and followers.

Nevertheless, all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t take full advantage of Instagram’s video features. Therefore, to help you make the best of Instagram, we have curated some useful tips that will help you make the best video marketing content!


Before we directly jump onto how you can promote your business on Instagram with videos, consider looking at the different types of videos on Instagram.


Instagram video feed


Your feed is what the customers see when they visit your page for the very first time. Hence, you must focus on keeping it well structured, interesting and planned.


Instagram video stories


Instagram video stories provide a glimpse of your business and services. Creating engaging stories while keeping brand awareness in mind is a great strategy.


Instagram live videos


A top trend these days, Instagram live videos give you a chance to connect with your audience better with direct interaction. With live sessions, the viewers can make comments, ask questions, give feedback etc. 


Instagram TV


Suitable for long video posts, this feature lets you provide more information to the viewers. Using this new Instagram feature, you can offer more valuable content and build viewer trust in your brand.


These are the types of videos you can share on Instagram to connect with your viewers. These videos are a great way to improve your Instagram statistics and build brand image. 


Ways in which you can use Instagram video to promote your business


  • Try them all


When we say try them all, we mean that you must try out all these video options on Instagram to create business rated videos for your brand. Instagram might have started as a photo-based app, but with all the enhancements, it can be called a pioneer of videos that sets the best example to promote your brand. Considering the importance of videos for marketing, Instagram offers a convenient platform that eliminates the need for other production activities or using third-party apps to create video content. So, go ahead and create impressive videos for your feed and stories while preparing an alluring pitch to improve your reach via live video feeds. 


  • Take influencers help


Another way you can promote your brand on Instagram with videos is by seeking an influencer’s help. Many local influencers who are ready to promote businesses and services can be reached out on this platform. Influencer marketing is also considered one of the topmost strategies to boost your business reach while inculcating trust among viewers. You don’t necessarily have to collaborate with celebrity influencers, but taking the support of any influencer with decent followers can indeed help. You can reach out to them by simply direct messaging or using hashtags related to your business or services. 


  • Always tag your posts


Tagging your post lets people find different businesses and services. Therefore, when you tag all your posts with the relevant hashtags and geotags, it facilitates searching for content in your area related to specific products. When you apply hashtags and other tags such as location or geotags, such searches can easily be turned into sales. 


  • Maintain consistency


Maintaining consistency refers to posting videos related to your brands regularly and only showcasing content that is most relevant to your brand identity. So, go ahead and always keep ideas ready to post interesting content every day.


Along with consistency, you must also focus on creating interactive videos that feature catchy soundtracks, images, animations and effects. The best way to do so is by using any professional video maker that has thousands of templates to choose from to always keep your stories, feeds and other videos fresh and lively. You can use promo video templates or any other relevant template to create dynamic video content for your Instagram page. 

InVideo is the most recommended choice to create multi-style videos using various effects. Therefore, you can use this promo video maker to make quality content.


  • Tell your story


Stories are an excellent way to build a connection with viewers, and we are sure every brand has some story. So, do not wait to tell the world what made your business possible. Posting video on Instagram which tells stories of your employees, workers and happy customers can change the game and add a personal touch to your brand.


  • Behind the scene stories


People are always curious to know what happens behind closed doors. Therefore, create behind the scenes videos or stories. Giving your viewers a glimpse of your journey and working style and ethics will reveal the genuineness of your brand. It creates an image of authenticity and transparency among the viewers to trust and respect your brand even more.


  • Conduct a poll


Instagram is flooded with amazing features to let you create astonishing videos every time. Here, you will not find just hashtags, filters and audio effects but also elements that allow you to conduct polls, ask questions etc. These features will help you promote your existing products and services while sharing something interesting about products that are yet to be launched. So, make the most of these features and take your video marketing plan ahead.




Video marketing is the backbone of any brand or business. Without conducting a proper video promotion, it is challenging to build your brand or product reputation in the online world. So, wait no more and consider incorporating these tips to take your brand to great heights using video marketing on Instagram.

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