September 25, 2022

Little Torch Key Florida Hotels – The Top Choices

Little Torch Key Florida Hotels – The Top Choices

Little Torch Key is a small island just 24 miles from Key West, seen as a small dot on the map of lower Florida Keys, United States. This tiny island is inhabited mainly by people living in Big Pine Key and Middle Torch Key, as these are the other islands surrounding Little Torch. The majority of the residences on Little Torch Key are beachfront open sea houses and estates, with just around 6000 people residing on the island.

Little Torch Key is a little island with a big punch. Paddle boarding, kayaking, camping, and snorkeling are among the activities available on the beautiful sands. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you may even get the opportunity to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

Most visitors come to Little Torch Key, Florida, for the warm weather, and the ideal time to visit is during the summer, from May through September. It’s also a great year-round destination, but if you want to avoid the crowds and get a better deal on hotel accommodations, go between October and November. These are pretty popular months among tourists, so do plan ahead to get the best experience.

How to get to Little Torch Key Island?

There are three alternatives for getting to Key West from the Miami International Airport. You may rent a car and travel 40 minutes north to mile marker 28.5 on Little Torch Key. Since there are no automobiles on the island, the only way to get there after that is by a seaplane or a boat.

In most cases, if you inform your hotel beforehand, they will make all the travel arrangements hassle-free for you.

If you are traveling to Little Torch Key from outside of the United States, you will be needing an ESTA, provided your country belongs to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). You can apply for an ESTA online by filling up a form.

For a spot-free application, make sure that you are aware of all the needful steps throughout the application process, including what databases does ESTA check.

Little Torch Key Fishing

Since this island is located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities to do here. You can book yourself a tour with one of the numerous fishing charters available on the shore. The fishing crew that takes you out is friendly yet very professional.

Your tour guide will be providing you with all the relevant details about fishing gear and etiquette.

Get ready to learn some tips and tricks and enjoy the best off-shore fishing at Little Torch Key!

Little Torch Key Restaurants

Admit it, good food only adds to the spectacle of a joyful vacation, and the extravagant options at Little Torch Key Island will leave no room for disappointment. Enjoy a great steak dinner at Milagro Restaurant and Bar, or if you want a quick bite of sandwich or a burger, rush to Baypoint Market. The seafood here at Kiki’s Sandbar is to die for.

Most of the restaurants at Little Torch Key are locally owned, which only elevates the authenticity of the place.

Dolphin Marina Little Torch Key Florida

Whether you’re visiting Little Torch Key for a romantic break or a business trip, you’ll find fantastic hotels to suit your requirements. Choosing the proper hotel based on your travel objectives is critical as sometimes the availability of facilities can become the deciding factor.

Dolphin Marina & Cottages Little Torch Key is one of your best bets if you want a wholesome experience on the island. The island is just within 600 meters of this hotel, and it’s only a 44-minute drive from the Key West International Airport.

They also have a salon spa for you to unwind after a long day at the shore. What’s more? If you’re interested in some water sports, you can rent equipment from the hotel itself.

Sit on the benches by the ocean and watch the dolphins play with each other while enjoying a sumptuous meal of fish and chips.

Planning Ahead with an ESTA Authorization

Here at Little Torch Key, you will make some memories and share some laughs that will stay with you for a lifetime.  Plan early and get your ESTA approval quickly. You can get it any time before you travel.

If you are wary about the status of your ESTA after application, you can always use the esta checker available on the ESTA website.

And while it does take around 72 hours for you to get hold of one, the ESTA authorization is valid for a good two years from the date of issue. So, even if your travel plans don’t work out at the moment, you still have a couple of years to head to Little Torch Key.

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