September 25, 2022

Make Your Graphics Better With These 6 Fonts


Each kind of business has its characteristics, and everything your business uses should portray that character. From the type of packaging, the product, the kind of promotions you have, down to the colors you chose. These elements should create the brand that you envisioned and the font you use is no exemption.


To promote your product effectively, you need to be consistent with building your brand. The usual pitfall for first-time business owners is letting their personality influence brand identity. Let’s say you are starting to sell cupcakes, but you chose a medieval font among all the fonts available- because you like hard-core rock music, gothic art, and no one can tell you off of it. You chose to use this font style to create the labels on your food packaging or on the very website you made to sell your product. But your friends, the first viewers of your work, are not sure whether you’re running a tattoo shop or selling cupcakes.


Using a font that would represent your brand is essential for your customers to know what your product is about, the last thing you want is to have unreadable fonts. If you are still not sure of what your brand is about, that’s fine. Along the way, once your business is up and running, it would be more clearer on what direction your business will be taking, and you will develop a more solid brand identity. But to avoid confusing your buyers, you should choose a neutral font style that will make your labels, content, and brand name very readable. To help you,  we listed down seven fonts that are simple but appealing and suited for different purposes.

  1. Simplifica

With its name, you can guess what this font is all about. The font is from the San Serif family of fonts but is more condensed, and it uses uniform line width to make text easy to read, and classic yet still clear. This font is excellent for food labels and instructions that you want to state as clearly as possible. Once you have selected your font style, created your final designs, make sure to save them in png format. If you have forgotten to do so and have already saved your work as a pdf file, then you can still convert your PDF to PNG, to have the best printing results. If you don’t know a reliable PDF website to do the job for you, then we highly recommend GogoPdf. GogoPdf is an one- stop, PDF expert that can help you produce quality files for your business print outs.

  1. Naive Line Sans

This font also uses fine lines to create a clean, elegant text and at the same time, plays with irregular lines to give it a more handwritten touch. Naive Line Sans is available in different line widths, such as light, medium, bold, black, extra black. The tip in creating compelling fonts is to use various sizes of the same font, instead of using different styles that disorganized your work.

  1. HK Grotesk typeface

The Hk Grotesque typeface is a font that makes even small-sized text legible and sure to attract the reader’s attention. It’s suited for subtext that goes under your logo, poster, or title. HK Grotesk typeface has friendlier lines compared to the first two fonts, and the font is inspired by classical grotesque and has that slightly elegant medieval feel. But it translates it to a fine, clean font.

  1. Hanken

If you’re looking for a modern yet minimalist style, then you might want to try Hanken. This font also comes from the San Serif family, but instead of having edges, it cuts round and creates a more up-to-date look. The Hanken is great to use in your logos since it has a modern touch but remains readable and formal.

  1. Leto Text Sans

Another modern-clear-cut font that you can use is the Leto Text Sans. The font has a classic clean display that is prevalent in modern minimalism and is available in various formats. Choose which one best fits your brand. It suits for advertising company services down to unisex clothing line.

  1. Quark

Finally, the last font we will include in this list is the Quark, another reliable modern font that can portray labels of any kind. Despite being thin, the font has a very structural form, and is very substantial, showing an excellent use of spaces with the form of the letters.


If you’re wondering why PGN is the best format to use for these types of files, the answer is the PNG format. PNG is the format used for graphic art that usually has transparent backgrounds. Since PNG uses less data, websites using png format will run more smoothly than those using other formats for their graphic pictures.  If you have graphic pictures that are saved in other formats like JPEG or PDF, then you can convert them to PNG.

Convert your graphics files with GogoPDF

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  1. Once you’re all set you can print out those labels, files or put them up on your website.

In Conclusion

Running a business takes a lot of street-smart-knowledge to get ahead, but it also takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty details, like boosting up your brand awareness and identity. Remember all elements are important and will come to play in promoting your product or services, so nail a good impression with a readable, clear, and attractive font!

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