August 18, 2022

Play pool rummy through the rummy app download 

Play pool rummy through the rummy app download 

Pool Rummy is a version of the Indian Rummy gameplay in which participants pay a predetermined entrance fee that goes toward the game’s winnings. It can be played through the rummy app download either from the play store or from the chrome extension. It is the longest variant, and it comes in two sizes: 101 pool and 201 pool. Players with a score of 101 points (in the 101 pool) or 201 points (in the 201 pool) are removed from the game. This game is played until a player reaches a score of 101 or 201. 


Pool Rummy Instructions

To play pool rummy you need to first go to play-store or chrome extension and through that, you have to go to the rummy app download and log in. Let us examine the game in further detail.

Players and cards: The game is often played by 2 to 6 players using one or two normal decks of 52 cards each plus one Joker each deck. The Joker is an important character in the game.

Tossing and Dealing: Each player is handed 13 cards at a time, one at a time, at random. A coin toss is used to determine who will make the opening move.


The goal of the game is to organize cards in series, or sequences and sets, and then make a proper statement. At least two series must be present, one of which must be a pure sequence.

Each card is worth the following points: 10 points for an ace (but may differ from place to place and people to people), 10 points apiece for the King, Queen, and Jack, 0 points for the Joker, Numerical cards – The same number of points as face value. In the instance of 101 pool rummy, players are eliminated when they reach 101 points (or 201 points in the case of 201 pool rummy).


Option to Divide

Pool rummy is the only version in which players can divide or split prize money according to their drop counts. When the total score of all players at the end of the last round is higher than or equal to 61, the ‘Split’ option in 101 Pool can be used. Similarly, in 201 Pool, when the total score is more than or equal to 151, players can activate this option. Please keep in mind that the ‘Split’ option only works when all of the players engaged are on the same page. The option cannot be used if a player refuses to split the prize money.


Dropping out of the rummy 

The “Drop” button allows a player to quit the agreement. However, the player might rejoin the game with penalty points. Dropping during the first turn results in a 20-point penalty in pool rummy 101 and a 25-point penalty in pool rummy 201, respectively. Dropping on any future turn results in a penalty of 40 points in pool rummy 101 and 50 points in pool rummy 201, respectively.

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