September 25, 2022

Suspenseful Movies That Will Keep You Hooked Until the End

Art is beautiful, no matter what the genre is, but today we will talk about a specific kind of genre in movies that everyone loves watching. Suspense is that one genre everyone enjoys watching, and the below mentioned movies are those kinds of suspenseful movies that will keep you hooked to them until the very end.


The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s famous and one of the most controversial books. The protagonist Robert Langdon is an expert in symbolism, and soon after he returns home from a session, he gets a call to get to the Louvre Museum Paris. Robert Langdon gets there and finds out that a murder happened in the Museum and there are clues left behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. All famous paintings lead Langdon and Sophie Neveu a cryptographer, to a religious revelation that could shake the entire foundations of Christianity. The movie is full of suspense and the way the protagonists investigate the whole thing is worth watching. 


Mission: Impossible 

Mission: Impossible is a series of American action based spy films. Ethan Hunt is an agent of Impossible Mission Force, and when his entire team is murdered, he is the sole suspect. In order to prove his innocence, Ethan takes help from Luther Stickell and Franz Krieger to sneak in to the heavily guarded CIA building and retrieve a confidential computer to prove his innocence. The movie is filled with action, and suspense and Tom Cruise’s charming acting makes the series worth watching. If you love Tom Cruise movies and some cat and mouse action, this movie is the ultimate suspenseful movie for you. 


Shutter Island

Starring Leonardo DeCaprio as the protagonist Teddy Daniels, the movie revolves around Teddy and Chuck who are two US marshals sent to an asylum on a remote island to investigate a disappearance of a patient. Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place and his reality, and life is turned upside down. The American psychological thriller is unstoppable and full of suspense. The best part about the movie apart from the strong storyline and suspense is the enormity of the human brain’s capacity that is shown in the cinematography. 

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl is an American thriller mystery that revolves around a picture perfect couple of Nick Dunne and his wife Amy. The two are the ideal couple in all of Carthage, Mo. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing and the prime suspect of her disappearance is her husband Nick. The pressures by the media and police on the Dunne family tear the perfect picture of the couple leading to questions about their so called perfect married life. The movie is mysterious, and is full of suspense. The way Amy takes revenge and how she plays her cards is all the movie is about. 



This is a movie typically based on a girl’s revenge from a bunch of guys trying to erase their mistake. The movie revolves around Jen a beautiful girl on a romantic getaway with her rich boyfriend Richard. Two of Richard’s friends arrive unannounced for a hunting trip, but the hunt begins already in the house. Jen is heartbroken when things take a bad turn and Richard does not support her to which Richard and his two friends try to hunt her down. She fights until her last capacity, and a helicopter arrives to escort her back home. 

The movie is heart breaking, full of suspense and will definitely keep you hooked until the very end. If you love suspenseful movies with a good story and something that should make you ugly cry, this is the movie for you. 



This is a movie set in 1905 London, when a boy Thomas Richardson returns home to find out that his sister has gone missing. He finds out that his sister has been taken away by a religious cult who live in a faraway inaccessible land. The land is detached from the rest of the world and their beliefs and rules are different from the world too. When Richard arrives to the island, he finds out secrets about the cult that are evil beyond imagination. The movie revolves around Thomas’s attempts to save his sister and save the cult from the evils. The movie is suspenseful and will take you to a whole new world. So, if you love watching suspenseful movies that are also historical and fantasy based, this is the movie for you. 


If you love watching suspenseful movies, you will not regret watching any of these movies because they are all suspenseful and special in their own way, be it storyline, art direction, or the setting.  

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