September 25, 2022

The most comfortable full mattresses for in-bed movie watching

The most comfortable full mattresses for in-bed movie watching

A teen needs their space, and when your child reaches that age they deserve to graduate to a bed of the next level. Moving from a twin to a full-sized mattress gives your teen a sense of freedom and independence. Most teens are also going to need a dresser, and a full bedroom set will also come with an option for a media chest. If your teen likes to watch movies or play video games, they are going to need the right kind of mattress to be comfortable.

Here are the three most common types of full mattresses to go with your child’s new bedroom furniture.

Springs vs coils

If you have been browsing mattresses, you have probably already run into an issue in trying to discern what different mattresses are made from and how they are made. Most people remember spring beds as being uncomfortable and easily broken down, and think that the coil mattresses of today are the same. The truth is that today’s mattresses place the coils in pockets that both reinforce them and help prevent injury if a spring breaks or bends. 

If your teen likes to bounce on their bed, or they like to have some extra support while sitting in bed to play games, this is the right type of bed to get. Just keep in mind that the rowdier your teen the more frequently you will have to replace a coil mattress.

Memory foam for softness

Does your teen like to cuddle down in a pile of pillows and comforters to stream hours of television shows and movies? A memory foam mattress is a solution for them. Memory foam does still offer some support, but it also offers a softness not found in most coil mattresses. 

However, you can get pocket coil mattresses that have a pillow top for a bit more cushion. The downside to memory foam mattresses is that laying in the same spot for long periods can cause the mattress to break down faster, particularly one of poor quality. If budget is an issue, stick to coil mattresses rather than getting a cheap foam one.

Hybrid memory foam coil mattresses

The best type of mattress for most teens gives them the best of both worlds – comfort and bounce, softness, and support. The pocket coils give extra support to the memory foam top. The downside of these mattresses is that they are typically not reversible, which means you can turn them but not flip them. That could make the memory foam wear out faster, depending on how your teen sleeps.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that your teen’s full-size mattress probably won’t follow them outside your home. A full-size bed is not really big enough for a couple to be comfortable, and taller individuals need at least a Queen size bed for the length of it alone. You really only need the mattress for four or five years, so it is okay to go with a little lower quality. You can also find great deals at the full mattress sale on 1StopBedrooms.


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