December 10, 2022

The Most Popular Types of Cricket Bets

The Most Popular Types of Cricket Bets

Cricket is the third most popular sport in the world, with over 300 million players worldwide. The game begins with the toss of a coin and not all cricket bets are about who will win or lose – there are plenty of opportunities to make some money along the way. 


Check out this article for more information on how you can bet on cricket. There are many different types of bets that can be placed while watching a game of cricket. 


Depending on your knowledge and experience as well as what you have available to the stake, there may be certain bets that aren’t suitable for you at this time. However, there are plenty of great options for anyone looking to place a bet on their favorite team or individual player. 

Types of cricket bets

Run-out Bets

A run-out bet is a type of wager where you predict the next batsman to be run out. Run-outs happen when the fielding team gets a brilliant piece of fielding, catches a batsman off a bad shot, or the batsman is out of his crease. In this case, you have to predict who will be the next batsman to get out as well as the method by which it will happen. 


You can place this bet at any time during a game, but it is often seen in one-day games. This is because a batsman has less time to make their way down to the other end if they are caught off a poor shot or out of their crease. A run-out combination bet usually has three different wagers to choose from. Each wager has a different payout if you are correct with your prediction.


Are you excited about the cricket match: west indies vs england who will win, you might think? Enjoy the match and place bets to win money. 

Boundary Bets

The boundary bet is a simple wager where you predict which of the batsman on the field will hit the ball over the boundary line. This is usually a bet that is placed during one-day matches. These are usually fast-paced games, which may only last for about six hours. This can make it a bit difficult to predict who will hit the ball out of the park. 


During a one-day match, the rules allow for six hits that are counted as six runs. If a player hits the ball over the boundary line, they will receive six runs instead of the four runs from when they hit the ball to the fence. 


A boundary bet can be placed at any time during the game. However, you will have to be careful about the number of overs remaining in the match. If there are too few overs remaining, you may have trouble getting your bet accepted.

Head to Head Bets

A head-to-head bet is one of the most common types of cricket bets. This bet is between two teams or players, and you must predict which team or player will win. In some cases, you may be able to pick the winner of a particular game or the number of runs that will be scored in the game. 


Head-to-head bets are common at the beginning of a tournament where you have to pick who you think will win the entire tournament. You can also use this method to predict who will win a knockout type of situation. This can be very advantageous if you pick the right teams or players to win.

Wicket Type Bets

A wicket-type bet is all about predicting the type of wicket that will occur in a game. This is usually a one-day match that is being played. The wickets thrown during the match are the critical factors in determining who will win the match. There are four types of critical wickets that can be thrown. 


When the batsman is out, this is the wicket type. If the batsman is bowled out, caught out, hit by a ball, or run out, this is considered a wicket. There are other wicket types that may also be used, but these are the most common types. You can place this type of bet at any time during the game. The payout and odds can change depending on the stage of the match.

Player Scoring Bets

A scoring bet is one where you predict which player will score the most runs during the match. The scoring bet can only be placed during a one-day match. There are different types of scoring bets that can be placed. The most common are the half-century, century, and double-century bets. 


The half-century bet is when you predict which player will score the most runs during the first 50 overs of the one-day match. The century bet is when you predict which player will score the most runs during the entire game. The double-century bet is when you predict which player will score the most runs during both the first and second 50 overs. The scoring bet can be placed at any time during the match.


Cricket is a game that has many different betting opportunities. The sport has a worldwide audience and has its own dedicated league, which makes it perfect for betting. 


Cricket betting can either be done at various local competitions or at the international level. There are several cricket betting sites that you can use to place your bets. The amount of cricket betting markets available will vary depending on what type of match you are placing your bet on. 

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