September 25, 2022

The tech of sports betting

The tech of sports betting

If you like sports and if you enjoy sports betting once in a while, you might be interested in knowing how the betting industry works. And what technological solutions it is dependent upon.


Betting is an old tradition and we have betted on the outcome of sports and other types of games or matches since Ancient Times. Naturally the formalities around betting as well as what we place bets on has changed immensely, the principle is the same. Placing something of value on a prediction of a specific outcome. Today our predictions are more or less made in forms of nfl lines to tell us which teams are most likely to qualify or win in a tournament like the NFL. How are these predictions made in our modern era? And what types of tech is the betting industry highly dependent on? 

Mobile betting apps

Whether you are interested in the vegas nfl odds or you would rather want to bet on a soccer tournament or look into the odds of the US open, you have the possibility to check odds and betting lines no matter where you are. The introduction of mobile betting has made a huge change in the betting industry. 

First and foremost the accessibility and the fact that you can engage in betting anytime was quite the revolution coming from having to go to a betting shop placing a bet physically. Today you don’t need to plan whether you want to bet, you can decide at any time. If you are streaming a match and you decide to make a bet, it is possible. This has made betting attractive to a much wider field of bettors. And another thing that has been necessary to this possibility is live streaming. 

Live streaming

Live streaming has had a huge impact on the way we watch anything, and online streaming services have become the best at providing content for viewers. Live streaming has also made it possible to engage in games all around the globe at the specific time they are actually happening. And this has naturally had a huge influence on the betting industry and it has made the number of matches possible to bet on larger. And the fact that you have the possibility to watch the matches you bet on has been a game changer. 

Better predictions

The bookmakers or so-called bookies have existed for a while, however development of tech solutions have changed their work as they have advanced predictions analysis, making it possible to get even more accurate predictions to make the best possible odds and betting lines. This has been a great introduction for both bookies and bettors. 

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