September 25, 2022

What is a Steel Structure Course?

What is a Steel Structure Course?

For newbies, the civil engineering world can be both exciting and intimidating. But this course will give you a hand in learning all about steel structures with extensive practical knowledge. 

Steel structures are generally utilised worldwide for high-rise buildings, workshops, and others. It requires a realistic and optimal design to decrease steel tonnage to the lowest possible level. This course deals with all the elements required for developing industrial steel structures, including material requirements, connections, and basic structural member design. 

The steel structure course uses the “Limit State Design Method” to design the steel structures. It also studies the material properties of different types of steel, including material specifications and design considerations. Finally, it is an in-depth study of calculating loads in steel structures and lists all the loads that might affect a building, including wind, seismic activity, snow, and dead and live loads.

What’s in it for you?

The pre-requirement of this course is a structural engineering background. However, once you enrol in this course, you can expect three-fold skill development.

First, you will have an overview of the material and design of steel using live projects. Second, the prime part of this course deals with connection designs involving the application and structures. Third, you will also gain theoretical and practical knowledge of dealing with welded and bolted connections. 

A module in this course will lead you through the structural steel connection design software to speed up your connection design process. It also covers the process of analysing and designing steel members that are under axial tension. Along with this, you will gain valuable insights into the design of compression and built-up compression members with batten and lacing systems.

Towards the end of the course, you will learn the design and application of laterally supported and unsupported beams. These are made up of designs of various sorts of column bases that transmit various loads from superstructures to the soil below. You can expect engaging presentations of all the ideas and applications to help you complete this course successfully and with a broad understanding of steel structures.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed for any beginner or intermediate who is a:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Design Structural Engineer
  • Construction Engineer

Key takeaways 

  • Familiarisation with the concept of steel structure design
  • Extended knowledge of other designing skills
  • Designing beams, columns, connections, and anchor bolts
  • Types of bolted connections 
  • Controlling the quality of bolted connections
  • Other steel structure elements 

The steel structure course will be full of assignments and live projects to impart practical knowledge and gain industry insights. The duration is three months to twelve months. You can opt for a short or long-term duration. This course is available on skilled platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Swayam, NTNU, etc. 

Don’t wait any longer; skill yourself in steel structuring to know all you need about steel structures and their fabrications and erections. Gain practical knowledge from the experts and master your knowledge about steel structure software to stand out from the crowds 

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