September 25, 2022

What You Should Know About CBD Dosage for Dogs

Pets like human beings suffer various diseases and experience stress that may make it hard to cope with life. Fortunately, Research has come up with the fact that the use of CBD goes a long way in helping with those situations. 

It is critical to note that it brings total healing in some conditions, while in others, it only makes the situation better without eliminating them. 

These cases vary from lack of appetite, inflammation, nausea, bloating, anxiety, and stress, among others. 

Before administering the product to your dog, you might also want to see a CBD dosing chart for dogs to prevent overdosing. With that said, let’s see more below.

  • Improves sleep

It is common to have an ageing dog getting sick every now and then. It becomes challenging to have some sound sleep in such situations and may bring up the feeling of anger, irritation, or general moodiness. 

The situation is even worse where the animal has some injuries. The pain may be too much to bear, causing it to suffer sleeplessness. 

Worse even, if this happens for quite some time, the dog is likely to suffer from other diseases such as cardiovascular disease. The cannabinoids in CBD works with the ECS receptors, causing them to do away with pains in the body. 

Having enough sleep improves immunity hence lowering the likelihood of getting sick in the future. 

  • Improved digestion

From the results of the studies that have been conducted, it is evident that the dosage helps reduce the occurrence of irritable bowel, bloating, stomach swelling, and leaky gut. 

Generally, this will cause the pet to remain more cheerful at home. It has also been found to improve digestion and regulate metabolism. 

Inflammatory problems such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are also taken care of. By taking care of such issues that mainly come up due to age or previous fatal illnesses it becomes possible to keep the animal healthy.

  • Managing stress and anxiety

Just like human beings, it is common for stress and anxiety to kick in with age. The worry is brought about by the issues such as fear of getting displaced, foreseen death, stress from the children, and the need to stay with the children without separation. 

With all these, it becomes hard to maintain calmness and quietness. It is then common to find the dog barking continually or expelling in vast areas. 

Ingredients in CBD cause it easier for the animal to keep calm and remain settled even when they are going through stressful situations by soothing the mind. One of the most stressful situations is having to be separated from other animals that they were fond of or from the children. See this link for more  

  • Fighting nausea and increasing appetite

Nausea and lack of appetite are common, especially when there is an ongoing sickness. Without eating, the body becomes weak causing it to be vulnerable. 

While eating is essential, ensuring that the diet is well balanced is even more critical. In that case, the pet not only needs to feed but adequately feed on nutritious food. Using CBD increases appetite in animals thus ensuring that they eat. 

It also minimizes nausea and so ensures that the dog can eat even when it is unwell. For best results, the dosage should be mixed with food during mealtime.


  • Pain relief

Dogs, like human beings, are prone to getting severe pain from injury of previous operations. The situation can even worsen because sometimes ageing bodies tend to ache without a definite reason. 

Inflammation is also another situation that is common with age. The cannabinoid in the dosage causes regulation in anandamide production which causes a reduction in pain sensation whenever it increases. 

One may want to argue that other products can handle the situations of pain equally. Well, the truth is that other medications have adverse side effects that will cause poor health in the future. 

Even in situations where nerves are damaged, the dosage causes the animal to be in a position for undisrupted mobility. Click here to read more.

  • Enhanced immune system

There are plenty of health products that are being used by dog owners to promote good health of their pets. CBD is one of the best products since it contains nutrients that leads to proper development and it also has cannabinoids that positively affect the immune system. They interact with the endocannabinoid system that has various receptors. As a result, the immune system gets strengthened making it harder for pathogenic substances to invade and cause diseases. This is of great advantage both to the dog and the owner. It allows the animal to live happily without illnesses and at the same time saves you money that would have been used on medication.


Individuals find it boring to keep old pets that are sickly. It is for this reason that they are encouraged to make use of the CBD dosage that makes sure there is liveliness even with age. While this dosage is quite effective, owners also have the responsibility to handle their pets with a lot of care, especially in old age. The product should not be used to replace medication prescribed by the vet. It should be used alongside the medication. Be sure to have a dosage chart that has accurate information and adhere to it. It is also good to consult the vet to be sure on the appropriate dosage.

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